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May 28, 2005


Last fall Kate and I decided that it was our duty to visit Mark and Gretch during their extended stay across the pond. "Come to Ireland and visit us! We're lonely...this wretched, rainy country leaves us gloomy, sad and longingly to spend time with your wondeful, beautiful, intelligent selves." Ok, maybe they didn't say quite that...

Kate has been employed at a new job where from day 1 she was acruing negative vacation days we forced to delay our rescue of Mark and Gretch until the spring. Again they said, "Come to Ireland!" We thought about this proposition and using highly evolved cognitive reasoning dedeuced that in fact Guiness beer is brewed in Ireland so it must be a lovely place to visit. While the Traveling Lytles were home for Christmas we formulated a plan to visit the land where the sweet nectar of the gods originates. Immediately cousin Steve was onboard to join us in the trek to find and devour this fine beer we cherish so deeply in our hearts.

A short time later we mentioned our forthcoming crusade to the Guiness Holy Land to our deer friends Jimmy Fantini and Nicole Baltzer. Jimmy quickly brought to my attention the fact that quality golf courses are also in abundance in Ireland. "Brilliant!", we simultaneously exclaimed. So our plans were set to fly to Ireland over the American Memorial Day weekend (USA #1!) holiday for an extended 10 day stay.

After much anticipation our long awaited trip to Ireland arrived...

Red Eye flight out of Boston on Thursday evening. Bumpy. Noisy. Screaming babies by the dozen. Lights on. Bad movies...land in Shannon...oh, not quite there yet. Sit on plane...more discomfort...waiting...take off, fasten seat belts, time to descend, bing, bang, boom we land in Dublin. For the love of God what truck just hit me...customs...baggage claim. Jump in cab. Jump in cab.

For the love of cramped Americans. Four super size me adults with numerous bags crammed into a snow mobile with a roof and a steering wheel on the wrong side. Where are all the SUV's??? I'd like a Ford Expedition please. Super Size this car STAT!

Ok, no bigger car. This is the car. We can manage the short jaunt to the Lytle castle. Danny tie tie...sleepy. Until the driving in Dublin begins. I should have taken a picture of our adorable, elderly, gentleman cabbie...What a cute old Irish man...then he drives like a freaking madman with an accent. Driving in Dublin during morning rush hour resembles a video game. Drive at break-neck speeds dipping, dodging, dashing and dodging some more. Floor the gas , push bicylists off the road, squeeze around buses and slam on the breaks at the stop light. And then wait at the stop light...wait some more...wait a little longer because they Dublin stop lights last a fortnight when you're punchy, sleep deprived and jet-lagged. But after what I qualify as the longest cab ride of my life we make it to the Lytle sted. Home sweet home! Ooops, no Euros...ring up to Mark, "Hi Mark! We're hear! Glad to hear your voice...um, could you pay for our cab?"

Ok another slap to the face by cruel reality. Mark and Gretchen don't live in a castle in Ireland but rather a cozy little Dublin condo. Fair enough. We'll bond in our proximity.

Welcome to Dublin!

Posted by Danny at May 28, 2005 10:30 AM